In a windowless bathroom, lighting takes on a fundamental role. Make sure that the whole room is properly lit, so as to prevent annoying shaded areas from being created.

In addition, it is important to place light points in the washbasin area and illuminate sanitary ware and shower, in order to always move safely inside the bathroom.

Don’t forget to insert a central light that alone can illuminate the entire bathroom and a light dedicated to the washbasin area.

The lighting of the mirror above the sink is decisive: on the market the practical cabinets to be placed above the washbasin already provide for the placement of a filler.

In the absence of a piece of furniture already prepared, it will be important to place in the wall, in the part above the sink, a light.


An absolutely indispensable element in a windowless bathroom are mirrors!

In addition to reflecting light, they change the perception of space, expanding it. For the washbasin area, for example, choosing a mirror with LED lighting, allows you both to illuminate that area and to give a modern touch to your bathroom.

It is equally important to choose coatings with light and homogeneous colors, without too strong decorations. Dark colors and patterned coatings could in fact make the bathroom darker and more cramped.


Even a blind bathroom can have an elegant and fashionable look, just choose the right furniture, able to make the environment visually wider, brighter and more comfortable. The rule to adopt is “less is better” and above all light colors.

If the space is limited, choose the shower, with plate installed flush with the floor and transparent glass walls or maybe a walk in or a niche shower, so as to give continuity to the room and let pass the “little” light that there is. Favorite sanitary ware and suspended furniture.

Even on the accessories front, too many things can create a “suffocating” atmosphere, identified instead few objects, which can give a cared for and welcoming look even to the smallest bathroom.


In a blind bath lacks contact with nature and with the outside so forgetting to insert the green of plants is a mistake but in environments without sunlight, even plants have trouble staying there. That’s why inserting fake plants, difficult to recognize, is in this case an advice that we feel to give.

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